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 The Lost Dragons

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Fresh out of the Lab
Fresh out of the Lab

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PostSubject: The Lost Dragons   The Lost Dragons Icon_minitimeSun Jan 30 2011, 12:12

A story based on Lord of the Flies but with DRAGONS. It was for a school project Very Happy Hope you guys enjoy it ^-^

Main Characters:
Keke-Teal (not mentioned yet but she is teal)
Roflol (yes I made a dragon called Roflol >.> shush)-Brown
Cerelia (request from my friend Cerelia Very Happy)-Gold


Keke raised her head to the sky; the smell of the sea was all around. The scent was over-powering, forcing Keke to close her nostrils to the scent. Glancing ever farther upwards she came near to the sun, forcing her to squint. The sun was refreshing and warm against her scales, and she began to stretch out her limbs to relax further. A sound from her left startled her; leaping from the ledge she formed her mouth into a snarl and bared her teeth at the trespasser.

A low grunt answered her attack, and then a voice spoke in a serpentine accent, "KeKee! Lookk beforre you attackk!" The owner of the voice was a small, wingless black dragon. "Huiku!," Keke gasped, "Me apologiesss, I did not know—who hasss sssurrvived? Wherre arre we…" She broke down at that moment and dropped to the ground; rearing towards the sky she let out a roar in desperation.

"Kekekee! Calm yourrssself! We'll find a way out. Sssurrely thisss land isss not an isssland!", Huiku bent down next to the fallen dragon and nuzzled her softly, "We ssstill have each otherr." She looked up at Huiku then sighed slowly; slowing lifting herself to her feet she perked her ears up, listening for signs of others. Huiku stood up beside her and raised his ears as well. A faint, piercing noise could be heard off in the distance.

************A different part of the island************

Roflol put down the shell clenched in his claws, he had merely blown through it to get the small meal out that had hidden inside it, but the shell produced a strange noise when he applied air. He sniffed it a few more times before trying out the sound again. Strangely the sound was quite pleasant to his ears.

A rustling sound from the brush nearby caused Roflol to turn around. A golden dragon stepped out from behind the trees. "Anotherr?" she spoke silently. She crawled out from the brush slowly; standing up on her hind legs she scanned the beach around her. After seeing no danger she leaped onto a rock next to the brown dragon.

"Name?" he asked sharply. "Cerelia, that isss my name." she replied. The brown dragon snorted then turned back towards the brush, noticing many colored dragons stepping out. It took awhile but slowly they all stepped up to the platform that was the rock Cerelia was on.

After nearly an hour they all had gathered on the rock, it was determined that there were many different colors yet not one had the same color. The counts of their numbers varied from around a dozen to twenty; no one could count as they were all jostling around in excitement. The only thing they could determine was a small bit of their arrival and the number of females. Apparently some humans had captured most of them and began ferrying them in flying vehicles across the ocean, after many explosive sounds the vehicle has crashed to the ground, killing all the humans and most of the small dragons. Most of the females had died except for two, Keke and Cerelia.

The black dragon Huiku stood up to speak, seeing that no one would listen he approached the brown dragon. "Blow upon the ssshell pleassse. It may quiet theirr bickkerring." Roflol snorted in disapprovement but raised the shell once again and blew. Instantly they all quieted.

"Lisssten!" spoke Huiku, "We arre trapped herre! We mussst crreate a home herre to sssurrvive. I can sssenssse it isss the ssseassson of warrmth; the ssserrpentsss of the sssea tend to trravel the oceansss arround the ssseassson of leavesss. In that cassse we mussst make a way forr them to sssee usss. A sssign of life on thisss isssland ssshould be enough to makke them curriousss and apprroach ourr currrrent domain. We mussst build a larrge firre, my love Kekee possssessssesss in a sssmall quantity the gift of firre, we have done it beforre. Now we mussst get wood!"

************A couple days later************

Keke leaped off the ledge only to find herself crashing into the forest below; she had misjudged her jump. Three more thuds hit the ground around her. Looking around she found herself looking at Cerelia, Huiku, and Makmar, the orange dragon. As soon as the moment of recognition had passed a roar from the ledge they had just left forced them to scramble to their feet.

"Kkeep rrunning!" shouted Huiku, running as fast as his legs would take him, "Don't look back, jussst kkeep rrunning!"

As they ran branches smacked into their faces and began to cut into their soft scales. Makmar's body was stained red, giving him the appearance of a flame running through the forest. Keke's claws scraped across the leaf-covered ground causing her to lose her balance and fall over.

Keke gasped upon seeing the small hole beneath the vines, stumbling back to her feet she motioned with her tail towards the small hole. "Thisss way!" she hissed as she ducked into the hole. It was just enough room to fit all four of them so no one would be seen. That sat there for what felt like days waiting for the sound of hissing and scratching to cease. Finally not a sound could be heard, only a few birds chirped quietly, sensing the danger around.

"Arre you all okay?" asked the flame dragon, "They ssseem to have left forr now…" Cerelia gnashed her teeth in anger; then, subdued by the enclosing vines, sat down and curled herself into a small ball up against Keke for support. Keke then proceeded to throw out what Cerelia, and the two male dragons, had been thinking. "Animalsss!" she hissed quietly so no outsiders would hear, "They cannot underrssstand what isss going on! We will die and they can only thinkk of mating! Therre arre two femalesss on thisss isssland and they thinkk they can just fight overr usss and expect usss to be okay with it! Well no, I will not let prrimitive fighting choossse my mate forr me. I chossse Huiku upon the lassst moon of the ssseassson of flowerrsss and my choice rremainsss…" She would have gone on but suddenly found herself at a loss for words; she snuggled up closer to Cerelia and motioned for Huiku to join her.

The four dragons found themselves huddling up against one another in the small warmth that they could muster. Night fell quickly as they set watches to allow themselves some sleep. It wasn't long before they could sense something was wrong. During the dark of the night an orange glimmer sat upon the horizon, never fading. It was nearly too late by the time they smelled what was coming.

"FIRRE" screamed Makmar, leaping from the huddled position he had been sleeping in. Keke let out a scream and dragged Cerelia to her feet. Huiku was already out, checking which direction the fire was coming from. Motioning towards the mountain Huiku began the run as the rest followed in unison.

Upon reaching the mountain's base Cerelia stopped suddenly and began talking quickly and urgently, "Jusst becausse we are being chassed we musst not forget the creature of the ssky! It will surely kill uss!" Huiku was the first to reply to Cerelia's concerns, "Don't you ssee! We die by fire, dragon or ssky beasst! Fire sshowss no mercy for all, dragonss want uss either dead or matess! But the ssky beast is merely a myth we have formed! Whether it be true or not the beasst iss not certain to kill uss."

Just at that moment Roflol appeared from the nearly dead forest. "Did sssomeone sssay sssky beassst?" he chuckled and lunged for Cerelia. Jumping out of his reach the four dragons continued to run up the slope knowing that death lay behind them. A piercing cry could be heard from where Roflol once stood, and their scales grew cold when the cry was answered.

Keke reached for the next ledge and hauled herself up with some assistance from Huiku and Makmar pushing from behind. She quickly rushed forward and wrapped her tail around a small dead tree and threw her body back down towards her friends. Using her body as a ladder they quickly scaled the ledge and fell down exhausted on the top of the mountain. The island around them was ablaze, the smoke missed their ledge due to the wind but the sky above was black with smoke, blocking out the stars.

"We arre doomed! Doomed I tell you!" screamed Makmar. Keke reared her head to the sky and let out a long, sad moan. All around her the other four dragons collapsed to the ground, unable to move. All hope had been lost, as Roflol and his minions were closing in.

"Hello again darrlingsss." Cerelia and Keke both flatten their ears in anger and looked to face a small brown dragon, on its left and right were two slightly smaller dragons, one was green and the other was red. "Now", continued Roflol, "if you femalesss come quietly we can dispossse of the malesss in a—gentle—mannerr." He cocked his head and smiled cruelly. He made a soft nicking sound at Keke who responded with a loud, high pitched roar, the smaller minions stumbled a bit but this only made Roflol laugh harder.

With a solid push Roflol was off the ground and leaping straight for the four dragons. But before his paws could even touch the ground a jet of flame came shooting across from the smoke covered mountain side. Roflol flipped in midair to dodge the oncoming attack. He had saved his life at that moment but came crashing into the ground hard, landing just between his minions and the others. Out of the smoke came a roar that shook the entire island. Wings of smoke flapped as flaming eyes appeared, cutting through Roflol and his minions with their gaze. By the time Roflol realize what he was dealing with his faithful minions had already turned tail and run straight back down the mountain, facing the fire over the beast.

The long neck reaches out to grab Roflol in its fangs, and then hurled him down towards the cowards huddling below, a sharp crack could be heard as Roflol landed but the four had no time to investigate as the beast was before them. Cerelia began to take a fighting stance then stood and bowed towards the beast. "What arre you doing!" shouted Makmar. Cerelia shot him a glare then walked closer to the smoke, "come out youngling, we will not hurrt you". With the swift beating of wings a large wyvern landed in front of them. It was clear this wyvern was not more than twenty years; though the four dragons possessed more years the young wyvern was clearly larger and could eat them at will.

" 'Ello lil' dras," the wyvern spoke. "Other lil' dras fire stuffs. Fire hurt. Fire bad on island." Keke then realized why Cerelia had calmed herself; this was a fire wyvern, fire wyverns lived in the mountains except for migration. The youngling must have parents nearby and were resting on the island; that would mean a way off, a way back home.

"Lil' dras look lost. Lil' dras need fly but you no have fly. I fly you? I big! You little! No problem!" It was hard to refuse the young wyvern's request even if the circumstances had been different. "We would kkindly accept yourr offerr," replied Keke, bowing as well.

As soon as the four had positioned themselves on the wyvern's back he took off into the night sky, soon the air was full of not stars but orange and red dragons. Behind them the burning island faded into nothing more than just another speck of color on the horizon. Keke was the last to look back at the island, shedding a tear for those who had to suffer what they could not have predicted days ago.

The End! Comments, Questions, etc?
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Caught First Pokemon
Caught First Pokemon

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PostSubject: Re: The Lost Dragons   The Lost Dragons Icon_minitimeSun Jan 30 2011, 21:39

AWESOME Very Happy

I don't know what 'Lord of the Flies' is about, but your story is so descriptive and...I can't describe it x3 I can only write stories with cats xD
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Fresh out of the Lab
Fresh out of the Lab

Region Hikke Account Name : Pokemontrainergigi
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PostSubject: Re: The Lost Dragons   The Lost Dragons Icon_minitimeMon Jan 31 2011, 02:35

Thank you Very Happy

The base of Lord of the Flies is about a group of boys who are stranded on an island after a plane crash. They then form a society but there is a divide between two groups Very Sad If you've ever heard or seen the TV show Lost, that is what the TV show was based off of Meow
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PostSubject: Re: The Lost Dragons   The Lost Dragons Icon_minitime

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The Lost Dragons
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