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 Roleplay Forum Rules

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Fresh out of the Lab
Fresh out of the Lab

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PostSubject: Roleplay Forum Rules   Thu Sep 09 2010, 09:32

All right peeps, here's the Roleplay forum rules. Be sure to read the main rules for Hikke as well.

The Rules

All the Global Forum Rules

No flaming, cussing, and insulting any of the other users on here.

No powerplaying or godmoding, we would like to keep the roleplays fun for everyone.

When refering to something not associated with the roleplay, please use OoCs (out of character) and BiCs (back in character).

No Mary Sues or Gary Stus.

Keep all material PG-13, meaning no Yaoi, Yuri, or adult content.

Please try to contribute to a roleplay you are in.

No spamming. Try to keep your posts on-topic.

That's it for now, but we will add more rules as the site progresses. Thanks for reading!
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Roleplay Forum Rules
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